engineered hardwood flooring

Can I install engineered hardwood flooring in my living room?

Sure, why not?
This might seem like a strange question to some, but those who are familiar with it know that it looks the same as solid hardwood. The only difference with engineered, is that it’s a layered product, and it’s that construction that gives the flooring more stability and water-resistance than solid.
Those in the know also understand that it comes with a more reasonable cost that solid.
Just be sure you get the best of this hardwood product. In the case of engineered, thicker is a better flooring; it should be ⅜-inch thick. Keep in mind that we’re not just talking about veneer thickness, but the whole thing, including construction and plank stability. Your floor pro can advise you!
So we’ve now established that it’s stylish, available in many species, colors and, yes, you can refinish it.
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Other myths
We hear it all in our showroom, but here are some of the most commonly heard ones:
●It’s not durable. That comes from the myth about it being thin and flimsy, but not if it’s of good quality. Those rock-bottom bargain basement prices might be tempting, but they should be avoided, whether it’s engineered or solid hardwood. Remember, thicker is best.
●It’s not real wood. Yes, it is; in fact, so much so that real estate sales associates are legally allowed to market it as such in their selling tools. When you buy engineered hardwood, you can rest easy knowing that it adds the same value to your house as solid. If you’re planning to sell, that makes it appealing to buyers.
●It can’t be sanded. This is probably the one we hear most; it absolutely can be sanded and refinished, but the number of times depends upon thickness. Your floor retailer can advise you.
●It’s more complicated to install. Actually, it’s a lot easier to install than solid, because you have a larger number of installation methods, including glue-down, nail, and fold and lock.
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