engineered hardwood from Wholesale Flooring & Granite in Baton Rouge, LA

Engineered hardwood flooring and the benefits it provides

No one will ever know that your engineered hardwood flooring isn’t solid wood, through and through. In fact, with a veneer of real wood, in the species of your choice, you’ll find it provides the same great look, but with a better character.

The veneer on engineered wood floors is attached to layers of bonded plywood that come together to make up what we know has engineered flooring. Topped with a protective wear layer, you’ll find these floors are very resistant to most forms of daily wear, even if you have pets or children.

Only the best engineered hardwood floors will do

In your search for a perfect floor covering, we know you’re not simply looking for something that “will do”. No, instead, you want the very best flooring that fits both your needs and your budget. The good news is that engineered flooring does both.

Thanks to the construction of this material, you’ll find it incredibly durable, strong, functional, yet endlessly classic in beauty. Choose the species of your choice and then decide which stain color and finish type will give your home exactly what it needs.

Moreover, these floors can even be refinished when most homeowners are ready to replace their floor coverings. The number of times your floors can be refinished will depend on the original thickness of the real wood veneer. The thicker the veneer, of course, the more times it can be refinished before requiring replacement. Your flooring associate can give you even more details when you visit us.

Trust us for all your engineered hardwood flooring needs

Wholesale Granite & Flooring is proud to be an engineered hardwood retailer that works tirelessly for our customers in the areas of Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Ascension Parish, and Baker. When you visit us, you’ll find the same attention to customer satisfaction.

Our showroom is located in Baton Rouge, LA. We invite you to drop by when you’re in the area to see the very best engineered hardwood floors and find out how they can serve you. Learn about how they’ll perform under pressure, daily wear, and so much more.