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Have You Considered Which Best Engineered Hardwood Flooring Would Suit Your Mudroom?

Do you want to buy engineered hardwood flooring for your mudroom? In modern homes, mudrooms act like a buffer between the outside and the inside of your home, so they play quite an essential role in home design. Yet, many homeowners don't realize the value of selecting an engineered hardwood flooring for such a room, and how this purchase will affect both the function and appearance of it. However, by opting for the best engineered hardwood flooring, you're deciding to add the beauty of wood to your mudroom. At Wholesale Flooring & Granite, our Baton Rouge, LA showroom pros can help you figure out which wood flooring would suit such an important room in your home.

Yes, You Can Install Wood in a Mudroom.
It's a common misconception that wood shouldn't be installed in areas of the home that see a lot of foot-traffic, water, and other types of messes. In fact, with engineered hardwood flooring, Baton Rouge homeowners can breathe easy, knowing that they can indeed install wood in their mudroom.

Does it Come With a Finish?
For this area of your home, you'll want a premium grade, prefinished flooring. To guarantee a quicker installation, opt for wood that comes with a factory finish that handles humid conditions.

Pick a Good Quality Underlayment
To provide underfoot comfort and ample support for your new wood flooring, pick a quality underlayment. In doing so, you're making it easier to clean the area by ensuring there's no chance of stagnant water or puddles always waiting to be mopped up.

Decrease Moisture Issues with Rugs
Although your new wood floors are beautiful and incredibly trendy, you may want to make use of rugs to minimize water mishaps. Not only will this decrease maintenance, but it will ensure that your floors last longer. Designate an area in the mudroom for shoes, next to the door, and place a mat, runner, rug or shoe tray. Then, have family members and visitors place their footwear in that set area to keep the room clean.