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How to Get the Best Engineered Hardwood Flooring

First, buy your engineered hardwood flooring at Wholesale Flooring & Granite, so you’re sure of the best quality. That’s exactly where you want to get your engineered hardwood flooring in Baton Rouge.

We know the process can be a little overwhelming, so we’re here to help. Let’s start with this FAQ:

Question: Is engineered hardwood flooring real wood?

Answer: Yes! There are two types of hardwood; one is solid all the way through, with fibers that lie parallel. The other is engineered, a layered product with real wood and other substances, such as veneer. Those fibers criss-cross, and that construction makes it more stable than solid.

Question: Can I install engineered hardwood anywhere in the house?

Answer: There is more versatility in installation than in solid, which can warp when exposed to water. Therefore, you can install it in some places where solid never goes, such as the basement level, as long as the floor is dry. You will need to exercise some caution, however, so don’t install it in flood-prone areas, such as in kitchens that have leaky pipes, or baths where wet towels can be strewn on the floor. Few flooring types can withstand puddles!

Question: I might move. Will engineered hardwood increase my home’s value?

Answer: Yes, it will! In fact, because it’s real wood, real estate sales associates are legally able to include that in their marketing materials. There was a survey taken across the country, and real estate associates told us that people were often willing to pay as much as 10 percent more for a home with wood floors. Do the math! If your home is selling for $200,000 and someone pays $220,000, that’s a nice profit for you.

Question: Does it do that expansion/contraction thing that solid does?

Answer: While solid wood will try to adjust to weather conditions, you won’t have that concern with engineered, because of the construction. It’s more stable, so you won’t have that issue.

Question: Will I be limited in colors and styles?

Answer: No, you’ll have access to many of the same wood species, including exotics, as long as they are tough woods.

Question: Will it look artificial?

Answer: No, it’s real wood, not something pretending to be wood. Like anything, though, you get what you pay for, so don’t go for the lowest cost, bargain-basement price. Buy the best engineered hardwood flooring possible.

Come see for yourself. Let the flooring pros at Wholesale Flooring & Granite tell you about engineered wood. Our showroom is in Baton Rouge.