The lifespan of luxury vinyl plank flooring

The lifespan of luxury vinyl plank flooring

Luxury vinyl plank flooring has rapidly grown in popularity for various reasons: its aesthetics, versatility, and durability. But one common question lingers among potential buyers: “How long does it actually last?” Let's delve into the expected lifespan of luxury vinyl flooring and what factors influence its longevity.

The typical lifespan of LVP flooring 

On average, a well-maintained luxury vinyl floor can last anywhere between 15 to 25 years. However, like any flooring option, several factors determine its life expectancy, and understanding them can help you make the most of your vinyl plank flooring.

Factors influencing luxury vinyl flooring longevity

  • Wear layer thickness: The wear layer is a protective film on the top surface of LVP flooring. A thicker wear layer generally indicates a longer lifespan, resisting wear and tear better than thinner ones.
  • Quality of the material: Higher-quality luxury vinyl, often with a slightly higher price tag, typically lasts longer due to superior manufacturing processes and materials.
  • Installation: Proper installation plays a pivotal role. Professional, precise installation ensures that the flooring fits well and resists issues like buckling or warping.
  • Maintenance: Regular cleaning, using the right products, and avoiding sharp objects or heavy furniture without protective pads can significantly enhance the life of your vinyl plank flooring.

Maximizing your flooring's lifespan 

To ensure your luxury vinyl flooring serves you well for years, consider the following:

  • Using area rugs or runners in high-traffic areas to minimize wear.
  • Regularly sweeping or vacuuming to remove grit and debris.
  • Cleaning up spills immediately to prevent potential damage or staining.
  • Using a damp mop with cleaners designed for luxury vinyl flooring for a deeper clean.
  • Avoiding rubber-backed mats or rugs, which can stain vinyl over time.
  • Keeping pet nails trimmed to minimize potential scratches.

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