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Granite Countertops


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Wholesale Flooring & Granite is your go-to store for granite

If you are thinking about or in the process of remodeling your home, you need to stop and ask yourself one question — Am I replacing my countertop? If the answer is 'yes', the best place to go in Baton Rouge, LA is Wholesale Flooring & Granite. We specialize in granite countertops and the installation of these beautiful slabs. Each slab of granite is unique, which is why you need to see them for yourself.

You can stop by our showroom and warehouse to see our selection of these great pieces. A new granite coutnertop, paired with some beautiful cabinets can transform any kitchen.

Lucky for you the team at Wholesale Flooring & Granite does it all! From granite countertops to cabinets to floors — we have you covered for your entire home remodel.

Call us at (225) 372-5738 to set up an appointment or get a quote.

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Most people have a budget when they enter a home remodeling project, and we understand that. There are places you can cut costs and other places where it is good to splurge. Kitchens are a gathering place in many homes in Baton Rouge, Baker, Denham Springs, and Ascension Parish, so it is very important it looks good.
Granite Countertops in Baton Rouge LA

Pros for granite countertops

  • Durabilty - Granite is very hard material that is perfect for kitchens. It is scratch resistant as well.
  • Easy to clean - Wiping off a granite countertop is as easy as it gets. Wipe up crumbs; spray; wipe; repeat as needed.
  • Looks - Granite simply stunning and can be the focal point of your kitchen and gatherings. Every slab is unique, so you have plenty of options.

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with granite countertops