It seems as if the rain hardly ever stops in Baton Rouge anymore. We get out from under one nasty rain event, only to have another one drop into town. If you have been wondering if we have had historic levels of rain during the last year, the answer is yes! The bad news, if that is not enough, is there is more on the way as move into 2017. Here is just a bit of a recent article that went into some details on our rainfall amounts:
​“The rainy New Year’s Eve pushed Baton Rouge beyond the 1989 rainfall record, making 2016 the wettest year in the city’s known history and topping the previous mark of 88.32 inches. By the end of Saturday, 90.54 inches of rain had fallen at Baton Rouge Metro Airport. The exceptional year was fueled by the heavy rains in March and the rain that produced the severe August floods...”

​We know that water can damage floors, and many of our readers know this, too. The flood last year damaged thousands of homes and businesses, and most of those properties suffered flooring problems on top of everything else. 

At Wholesale Flooring & Granite, we brought in a large inventory of engineered hardwood flooring to help those who needed new floors. We still have a large selection of these flooring systems available, and they are all priced right. There are many reasons homeowners and businesses choose engineered hardwood flooring, and here are just a couple:

To start with, engineered hardwood flooring can withstand moisture far better than solid hardwood flooring. Because of the way that it manufactured, these flooring systems can be installed anywhere in the home or business, including areas below grade. This makes them the perfect option for those who want to renovate their basements or other areas where moisture may be an issue.

Another benefit from engineered wood flooring is its low cost. When compared to solid wood flooring, the cost of engineered flooring is much less. While it cost less, it actually provides more benefits and protections than solid wood. 

If the rain is getting you down, or if it has damaged your floors, come by and visit with us at Wholesale Flooring & Granite in Baton Rouge, LA. We would love to show you the many great options we have for you in engineered hardwood flooring.