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2018 Trends: Why You'll Want to Buy Engineered Hardwood Flooring!

If you haven't stopped by our Wholesale Flooring & Granite showroom in Baton Rouge, LA yet, then you may want to think about a visit to check our latest 2018 engineered hardwood flooring trending styles. Right now, there are some new looks that are sure to please even the most fastidious folks. With the hippest designs and hottest colors, they may tickle your fancy if you're looking for something truly one-of-a-kind. Still not convinced? Then, let's go over some of the trends that 2018 has to offer. 

All-Natural is Back in Style

While last year was all about different effects and colors, 2018 is bringing back the all-natural look. Why the significant change, you may wonder? Well, the thing is, many homeowners are opting for a color and appearance, that transcends any future redesigns. That means they want a style that'll blend into just about anything, be it dark furniture or light-colored decor. As such, going all-natural lends to an easier time incorporating any type of "look."

More People Are Choosing Cool, Dark Tones

Another trend in 2018 is the preference for cool, dark tones. In this category, the most popular engineered hardwood flooring in Baton Rouge and stain pairing are Jacobean and ebony, as well as dark walnut and ebony. Mainly, this is due to two reasons. Firstly, homeowners are looking for hard surfacing that's easy to maintain. Secondly, interior designers insist upon choosing designs with more depth and presence. Depending upon the look you're trying to achieve, this may be a good choice for you as well.

Wider Planks Are Where it's At

As interior designers nowadays say, the wider the plank, the better. For the most part, that's because wider planks create a sense of space, transforming a small room into something surprisingly formidable, and a big room into an immense place. Wider planks are also considered more flexible design-wise, and blend in well in older homes that need a modern face-lift.

Simple Design, More Fluidity

The simpler the color and design pattern, the easier it is to incorporate it into an environment. Now, we're not exactly talking about color, per se. Rather, about the grain and sheen of the plank. As with all features in design, when you keep things simple and basic, you have a more extensive range of design choices and fluidity of color palette. In essence, it's the simple looks that make design a lot easier to add to or remove from.