7.1 Trillion Gallons of Rain Hit Southern Louisiana

​At Wholesale Flooring & Granite, we, like you, knew a lot of rain fell on us last month. What we did not know was just how much rain fell. We read an article that made an estimate and it shocked us. Here is a bit of that article:
​“The recent flooding in southern Louisiana has been deemed the worst natural disaster to hit the United States since Hurricane Sandy in 2012, according to the American Red Cross. Some 7.1 trillion gallons of rain—three times the rainfall recorded during Hurricane Katrina in 2005—fell on the areas surrounding the state’s capital, Baton Rouge, and its fourth largest city, Lafayette, between August 8 and 14.”

Source: <a href="http://lj.libraryjournal.com/2016/09/industry-news/louisiana-libraries-emerge-from-flooding-largely-intact-anticipate-later-losses/">Louisiana Libraries Emerge from Flooding Largely Intact, Anticipate Later Losses</a> by Lisa Peet.
All of us who went through this latest flood know the level of damage that it caused is also historic. With more than 40,000 homes and businesses affected, many of our neighbors and friends have come to us for new flooring to replace their damaged flooring. One of the most popular options for these folks has been our engineered hardwood flooring. There are reasons for this.

First, engineered hardwood flooring is available in a diverse range of styles and wood species. This means that our customers can get the right floor for their home or business décor. There is virtually no wood species that is not available in these systems.

Secondly, engineered hardwood flooring can be installed just about anywhere in the home or business, including below grade. These wood flooring systems can be installed over many types of sub-floors, including concrete. They can be glued down, stapled down, or installed as floating floors.

Thirdly, these systems are durable. You can rest assured that you will enjoy the beauty and elegance of these wood floors for many years to come. There is very little maintenance required, and cleaning is a snap.

Lastly, we know that many of our customers have to watch every dollar they spend these days. Engineered hardwood flooring is affordable, and most homeowners and business owners will find several quality options within their flooring budget.

If you need new flooring and would like to see the many great options we have in our engineered hardwood flooring inventory, visit Wholesale Flooring & Granite in Baton Rouge, and we will be happy to show you what we have available.