Heat resistance is an excellent quality to have in your kitchen countertops. But are all countertops heat resistant?

The quick answer is no, but don’t worry. We’ll make sure you know more about the materials by the end of this blog post.

In an area where hot pots and pans are often taken off the stove and placed directly on the counter, heat resistance is a big deal. Let’s find out how you create a great looking kitchen that will protect you against heat damage at the same time.

Granite countertops are an option

Granite is easily one of the oldest rocks in existence, having been used in a variety of ways down through the years. Granite countertops offer outstanding durability, scratch resistance, and yes, excellent heat resistance.

Although granite is known as a natural material, it’s made from a variety of materials, including quartz and feldspar. It is this combination of materials that gives the stone its unique colorations.

Marble countertops create a beautiful and timeless appeal that adds significant value to your home. This all-natural material offers excellent brilliant functionality, appreciated affordability, and heat resistance that you’ll come to love, especially over time.

With marble in place, you’ll need to seal the surface regularly. This helps stove staining and etching, which can occur in these materials when they are in their natural state.

To find out more about these materials and how they can be put to your use in your own home, feel free to visit us at your convenience. Our associates will be happy to assist you and show you more.

Kitchen countertops are what we do

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