Natural granite look countertops in a Baton Rouge, LA home

Are there granite-look countertops?

Choosing the perfect kitchen countertops can be the most exciting experience during your kitchen remodel. Still, it can also leave you with questions, especially when you want a specific appearance. In today's post, we will take a look at granite-look alternatives to the real thing that could save you money and speed your installation process.

Alternatives to natural granite countertops

Granite is trendy, thanks to stunning visuals, impressive durability, and stylish choices that keep you current for years. But granite-look options are also available and can save you quite a bit on your budget.

Both quartz and quartzite offer granite looks, as they can be engineered to take on that appearance with stunning accuracy. However, marble countertops can also mimic the granite look for the same reason.

At the root of granite’s popularity are durability and attractive appearance options that radiate luxury and elegance. Many materials mimic the appearance and offer the benefits you're looking for in granite but with a more affordable price point.

These materials can increase the value of your home, so if you're looking for the appearance of granite, any of these superior materials will do. And we can help you find the one that matches your needs perfectly.

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