Engineered hardwood flooring in a classic Baton Rouge, LA home

Consider the best-engineered hardwood floors

Your floors deserve the very best engineered hardwood floors. We’re going to give you some details surrounding this floor covering that will ensure you find the perfect match for your home and your lifestyle. There are plenty of options to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit.

With engineered hardwood flooring, you’ll get a variety of incredible characteristics that will make your home more durable and more functional. You’ll also have plenty of options for personalization for a perfect décor match, no matter your style. Be sure to stop by to get your process underway.

The best-engineered flooring awaits you

Engineered hardwood flooring offers real wood floors with stunning beauty and functional benefits that will work in every area of your home. Unlike solid wood floors, these materials do not react to dampness, humidity, or changes in temperature, so they’re a perfect fit for basement or below-grade spaces.

Constructed on layers of plywood for excellent stability, engineered flooring has a top veneer of real hardwood, in the species of your choice. This layer is topped with a durable, protective wear layer that helps resist all manner of daily wear. Together, they work to make your floors a perfect addition, in even the busiest home.

Engineered flooring can even be refinished, just like solid wood, depending on the thickness of the real wood veneer. This extends the lifespan of these floors, saving you even more money over time. They’re easy to maintain and care for, usually only needing a broom and damp mop for daily cleaning. Be sure to visit us to find out even more.

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