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Direction of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

After you go out and buy engineered hardwood flooring for your home, you may want to consider which direction to install your planks. If you’re scratching your head at the previous statement, then it seems you weren’t aware that slats can, in fact be installed in different ways to create the look you want for your space. While it may seem like an easy question to tackle, it might quickly become overwhelming, once you realize you’ll be living with your choice for quite some time to come.

But don’t worry! Wholesale Flooring & Granite Baton Rouge, LA showroom pros are ready to clarify the different ways you can lay down your planks with this quick guide. Let’s begin!

Directions of Planks

The vast majority of the best engineered hardwood flooring out there is installed in a traditional straight or vertical direction; slats that run parallel to each other along the width or length of a room. When sticking to this classic look, you create a clean, unfettered, classic appearance that suits any space. Additionally, straight direction installations are also the least expensive as they take less time to produce and use the least number of slats.

Similar to the vertical option, the horizontal direction installation is the other most common floor pattern. Typically, people choose this pattern to open up areas that are very narrow, creating a closed-in appearance. With a horizontal direction, the eye is drawn from one wall to the next, rather than down the length of the space.

Slats are laid in a zig zag pattern diagonally in the herringbone direction. If you’re looking for a contemporary style that is truly unique, yet is something you won’t get bored of, then you may want to look into this option.

Somewhere between classical elegant and wildly bold, a big hit when it comes to engineered hardwood flooring in Baton Rouge, is diagonal direction installation. Laid at a 45-degree angle to the walls, with planks parallel to each other, the diagonal design is a style that’s really becoming more and more popular.

Although the term “random” may seem a little too crazy for you, it’s actually a fun, show-stopping design that will make you rethink your stance on boring slats, because they’re anything but! In random direction, planks of differing widths are used to make a uniquely customized look. What’s more, this pattern offers a more rustic yet aesthetic appearance, coupled with an energetic feel and the semblance of movement.