Engineered hardwood vs. solid hardwood flooring

Engineered hardwood vs. solid hardwood flooring

Both solid and engineered wood flooring offers some outstanding advantages for your household. But which one is better for your specific requirements and preferences?

Understanding which material is better for your home can be as simple as learning more about the products and what they offer. Here are some facts you may need as you shop for the perfect flooring covering.

Which lasts longer?

In terms of lifespan, solid hardwood always lasts longer than engineered products, with lifespans that can surpass 100 years. A professional installation, followed by regular care, is a great way to get the most from your solid or engineered hardwood floors.

Which looks better?

Since engineered wood flooring uses a top veneer of natural wood, you can get the same look for both products. Choose your species, color, texture, and format to ensure a décor match that could last a lifetime.

Which offers more benefits?

You’ll find a wealth of benefits, but something other than what might be best for you might work for someone else. We'll help you choose benefits that fit your specific needs, so you're sure to enjoy these floors as long as they're in your home.

Which is easier to install?

Engineered flooring in Baton Rouge, LA, is always a faster, easier install, as you can float the materials. On the other hand, solid materials can take days or even weeks to install and complete.

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