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Is engineered hardwood flooring a good option for my bathroom?

There's a lot of hesitation in choosing engineered hardwood flooring in the bathroom. After all, it is a natural wood flooring and has a real wood veneer on the top.

You can undoubtedly use engineered materials in your bathroom with some preparation. However, the more you understand why, the more peace of mind you'll have in the installation.

Engineered flooring is better in bathrooms than natural wood

Solid wood cannot hold up in areas where dampness and moisture are a constant concern. But engineered wood flooring features construction made for this environment.

Engineered hardwood flooring isn't as affected by moisture, but some precautions are necessary. Consider all these before and after installation.

Be sure to consider these facts

One of the most important things to remember with engineered wood is the humidity level. Use exhaust fans and ensure proper ventilation while showering or bathing.

Don't allow splashes or spills to sit and rest on this floor covering. Be sure to clean up and check humidity levels often to ensure your wood floors aren't too damp.

Getting started with engineered flooring in the bathroom

Another important step when using engineered wood flooring is to choose the right flooring company. We can help assess your bathroom situation and match the suitable materials.

But we can also add moisture proofing and protection beneath the flooring. And we'll discuss all these with you before you buy your flooring.

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