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Some of The Best Engineered Hardwood Flooring Ideas For 2019

Gray, whether solid wood or engineered hardwood, is still one of the hottest flooring trends, and that’s not expected to end anytime soon.

Gray is one of those colors that can be a cool neutral, but it can also have some pink or yellow undertones that’ll warm it up a bit. It will look sensational in any decor.

Although we’ve said it before, it can’t be repeated enough: When you buy engineered hardwood you’re purchasing the real deal. Only the construction is different, and that gives the flooring more stability and the ability to stand up to moisture.

As the song goes, “Anything you can do, I can do better,” and that goes for the best engineered hardwood. This flooring does all the things solid does, but it has more installation flexibility than solid wood. For instance, you can put it in the bathroom, widely known as the wettest room in the house, and you can’t do that with solid, which is damaged by excess water.

So now you’re convinced and want engineered hardwood, but where do you get this flooring in Baton Rouge? Why, at Wholesale Flooring & Granite, of course!

Don’t go for those ultra-cheap, bargain basements products, warns the company; the quality will suffer somehow. Go for a thickness where you can refinish at least three times.
Trend Talk 2019
This year you’ll see a lot of:

●Textures. There will be a lot of hand-scraped, wire-brushed and distressed surfaces. You might also see some reclaimed wood which is pulled up from closed-down factories and offices. Every panel is unique, and environmentalists love that it’s recycled, but you may not see it for long, because it has an inherent limitation on supply.
●Color! All tones, dark woods like espresso; light woods, like gray, and even some light/dark wood variations.
●Patterns: These include herringbone, diagonals (like parquets floors), chevrons, and more.
●Flatter finishes: Just be sure to talk to an expert, because much engineered comes pre-finished.

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