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The two biggest questions about engineered hardwood flooring--answered!

Myths continue to circulate about the engineered version of hardwood, and one of the biggest ones might be about refinishing. Yes, you can refinish! If the thickness of the wear layer is at least four to seven millimeters, you’ll be able to sand and refinish the flooring, at least one or two times, and possibly up to six.
Put into perspective, solid wood has a wear layer that’s usually six to seven millimeters.
That thickness, by the way, also determines quality. When it’s super-thin, quality will suffer, so that takeaway is to stay away from those ultra-cheap promotional specials with the low, low prices.
You want to buy the best hardwood for your flooring, whether it’s engineered or solid.
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Does it look fake?
No it doesn’t look fake, because it’s not fake wood. That’s big myth #2.
Similar in appearance to solid hardwood, the engineered product simply has a different construction. While one is solid all the way through, and can be damaged by water, this one is layered with both hardwood and other products, each placed in crosswise positions.
That makes the surface more durable, water-resistant and stable, and it can, therefore, be installed in more places where the other cannot.
Style galore
Although the most popular species are hickory, maple, oak and ash, it’s certainly available in other domestic and exotic ones. You can get gloss, matte or semi-gloss versions, with textures like hand-scraped, distressed or wire-brushed. Fashion your home with the hottest floor trends: Dark, whitewashed, gray or gray blend floors, or wide planks.
There is some debate about pine, because it ranks low on the Janka Scale (which measures wood hardness). The wood feels a little “spongy,” but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not strong. Right now, the rustic look, is especially hot, and you can certainly get it with pine.
Our advice is to install it in spaces that have moderate, not heavy, foot traffic.
The veneer will give you that gorgeous natural beauty for which wood floors are so well known, and if yours is of good quality and you take care of it, it’ll last for years.
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