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Three Ways to Protect Your Engineered Hardwood Flooring From Your Pets

When many of us got our first pets, our parents warned us they would be a huge responsibility, and we would have to take care of them. When we were children, all that really meant was to give them affection, feed and water them, and make sure they got plenty of exercise. What happened to the floors was way above our pay grade.
Now that we are older, and floors do fall under our jurisdiction, we have to consider the impact they have on our solid and engineered hardwood flooring. Our little fur-gremlins can cause all sorts of trouble for our floors if we aren't careful but, luckily, it's a fairly simple problem to solve. Here's what you need to know to keep your engineered hardwood flooring looking great, despite your pet's best efforts:
Rugs and Mats
Most pets are pretty habitual about where they go in the house and the routes they take. You can use this to your advantage by placing rugs in their favorite paths, and doormats at their favorite entrances. This will help minimize scratches on your floor, and help keep water and mud from outside contained, so it doesn't damage your floors.
Trim Their Nails
Obviously, the best way to keep your pets from scratching your floors is to make sure their nails are kept trim. You can find trimmers at any pet store. Never use regular scissors or trimmers designed for humans, or you could injure your dog, always use specially designed trimmers.
Cat Boxes and Water Dishes
Kitty litter is gritty and can erode your floors. For this reason, it is recommended that you always keep your cat's litter box as far away from your engineered hardwood flooring as possible. You should also always place a mat underneath the litter box to catch any wayward bits of kitty litter that might find their way out.
You should also put a mat below any food or water dishes, to prevent your floors getting splashed or slobbered on. Over time, the moisture from spilled water or slobber could add up to serious problems for your engineered hardwood floors in the form of cupping, warping, swelling or cracking.
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