Beautiful countertops in a Baton Rouge, LA kitchen remodel

What countertops are best for humid climates?

Many homeowners never have to worry about humidity and its effect on building and remodeling. However, if you live in a humid environment and require new kitchen countertops, you’re likely to look for options that perform best in your climate range.

Materials for your kitchen countertops

With many material options to choose from in this product line, you’re sure to find the one that best fits your requirements. In addition to being humidity-resistant, each material offers other outstanding characteristics as well, and you’ll want to know what they are before finalizing your project.

Quartz is an excellent option because it’s not as porous as a material like granite, and therefore, not reactive to humidity. Quartz is virtually maintenance-free after it is properly sealed.

If granite countertops are correctly sealed, they can better handle humidity and moisture, and careful care and maintenance can keep them looking and performing their best. The same is true for marble countertops, though they will require even more care than the other types.

Your associates can help direct you to the perfect material for your kitchens and bathrooms, based on your specific requirements and preferences. They will work with you to determine the precise material needs that will best serve your family.

Be sure to ask about special sealants for extra protection against humidity and any other options for protecting these surfaces for yourself. We look forward to helping you create the perfect countertops.

Kitchen countertops are what we do

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