A Different Kind of Baton Rouge Kitchen Remodeling Story

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, there are more stories than one can count. Generally, we hear about families changing out their cabinets, or installing new flooring systems, or, perhaps, installing new quartz countertops. Baton Rouge homeowners have heard all of the stories, but may be surprised to hear about one family that went all the way with their remodeling.
“Robin Brown studied kitchens for years before she and husband, Jeff, took the renovation plunge. 'After 24 years in our home, the kitchen was extremely outdated and needed more than a facelift,' she says.”

Source: <a href="http://theadvocate.com/features/people/15354589-123/check-it-out-browns-pull-out-all-stops-wipe-slate-clean-on-baton-rouge-kitchen-renovation">Browns pull out all stops, wipe slate clean on Baton Rouge kitchen renovation</a> by Carol Anne Blitzer.
What the Browns did, as detailed in the story, was to gut everything, including removing a wall to get more room. For this particular family, the best way to get that new looking kitchen was to pitch everything out and start over.

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