engineered hardwood flooring

A little engineered hardwood info could go a long way

It’s important to know about the floor covering you choose for your home, especially when it’s engineered hardwood flooring. This is a material that covers many needs, in both the areas of elegant design and style as well as excellent durability exactly where it’s needed.

As a true wood flooring, you’ll get everything you want from the look, but far more benefits given the options you choose in the material. What’s more, it offers great peace of mind, even in basements, where solid wood can never be installed.

Engineered hardwood flooring was built for you

When you find out all that engineered hardwood flooring has to offer you, you’re likely to decide right away that this is your next floor covering. It all starts with the most classic appearance, thanks to an all-wood veneer layer that’s placed directly between a backing layer of wood plies and a protective wear layer.

The wood plies provide a stable surface and give you excellent durability as well. The protective layer on top, available in a variety of thicknesses, offers protection against daily wear like scratches and scuffs, even if you have pets and children.

You deserve the very best engineered hardwood floors and you’re sure to find it when you take the time to carefully consider your options. You can choose the best species, as well as the thickness of the veneer it makes up. When most homeowners are preparing to replace their floors, you’ll just be preparing to refinish yours.

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