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A quick guide to the benefits of engineered hardwood flooring

While updating your floors will certainly add more value to your home, engineered hardwood flooring in Baton Rouge has recently become a favorite for increasing value substantially. Why is that, you may wonder? Well, in short, for the price you pay, you end up getting a lot of advantages in return. At less of a cost than its solid counterpart, you’ll not only get planks that look just like solid wood, but also an equally durable material.
Why buy engineered hardwood flooring?
Manufactured in various widths, finishes, colors, styles, and species.
Planks can be re-sanded and re-finished for a whole new look.
Quicker, simpler to install with click-fit system.
Compatible with sub-floor heating.
Able to resist humidity and temperature fluctuations better than solid wood.
Made with real wood – unlike some other lookalike materials
Less expensive than solid slats.
Looks just like authentic wood – you often can’t tell them apart!
Best engineered hardwood flooring
The truth is, you’re getting planks that are really a modern construct, manufactured to handle whatever life throws at you. These slats can withstand moisture and temperature fluctuations, while also created in such a way as to provide impressive stability. Contrary to popular belief, these planks are made of authentic wood, with sub-layers of plywood. The reason this hard surfacing alternative can be installed over sub-floor heating systems is because of the way engineered hardwood is manufactured. Since the wood runs perpendicular atop its plywood base, the planks offer extra stability and strength, and thus are excellent when used in slightly humid rooms or areas with some temperature fluctuation. But, in essence, you can install the best engineered hardwood flooring anywhere in your home!
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