Pet-friendly engineered hardwood in a Baton Rouge, LA home

Are engineered hardwood floors pet friendly?

Engineered hardwood is a beautiful addition to any room of your home for many various reasons. They’re functional, durable, and offer stunning appearance options that complement any décor, but there are more factors to consider when choosing this material for your pet-friendly home.

The personality of engineered wood floors

Thanks to the construction, and especially the top wear layer of engineered wood floors, they are extremely pet friendly. You’re protected against scratches, scuffs, and spills in a way that gives you not only an excellent lifespan but a great appearance longer as well.

The wear layer of these floors is available in various thicknesses, which means you can choose the level of protection you want and need. Of course, the thicker this layer, the more protected you will be, and the more years of performance will come as a result.

Once wear, scratches, or scuffs do begin to show, you can opt for a refinishing service, which strips away all the damage and allows you to restain and refinish the fresh new layer of wood underneath. The number of times you can refinish your engineered floors depends upon the thickness of the real wood veneer you chose when you picked out your flooring.

The real wood veneer attached to layers of plied wood underneath offers the species and appearance you’ve always wanted. We’ll help you choose one, in the perfect thickness, for your specific needs as a pet owner.

Let us assist you with your hardwood flooring

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