Marble slab ready to be a Baton Rouge, LA kitchen countertop

Are granite and marble countertops installed the same way?

Kitchen countertops
are a big deal for most homeowners, especially after you’ve spent the time researching, shopping, and finally choosing the perfect materials. Granite countertops have specific characteristics that make them ideal for homeowners, while marble countertops cater to another client type.

If you’re wondering about the installation processes between these two, that’s something we’re going to look into here today. Follow along to find out more about it.

Installation processes for kitchen countertops

Granite counters offer a wide variety of colors and designs and plenty of durability. They are heat resistant, low maintenance, and provide unique visuals, as no two pieces are ever the same.

Marble is also heat resistant and has plenty of visual options, but they require a bit more maintenance. They also add a great deal of unique personality to your kitchen through delicate vein patterns and other design traits.

Both materials are fabricated in the same way, and likewise, they are also installed in the same way. It starts with a template, which is then moved to your choice of a slab.

Once the slab is cut, the edging is finished, based on your required specifications, as are any required cutouts. Once the piece arrives at your home, it is installed into place, with underlayments necessary for slabs that are less than 3 cm in thickness.

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