Are You Considering Engineered Hardwood Flooring?

Are You Considering Engineered Hardwood Flooring?

It seems like everyone these days is thinking about hardwood flooring for their homes. And for many good reasons. The look is absolutely timeless. The lifespan makes it a little more worth the budget and it complements nearly any décor.

However, there are those homeowners who know that solid hardwood floors simply wouldn’t be the right choice for them. In their case, engineered hardwood flooring would work much better.

Engineered hardwood flooring is the better option if you think you might a change in a few years. Solid hardwood floors are geared more for the long haul, but many people choose to remodel, making engineered flooring the better financial choice.
• Engineered hardwood stands up better to heat, humidity and quick changes in weather than real hardwood. Where solid hardwood flooring might crack, buckle or warp, engineered hardwood flooring stands up much better under those conditions.
• You can even find engineered hardwood in 100% waterproof. This makes it a great option, even in basements where solid hardwood cannot go. If you have a basement you’d like to fully finish, waterproof engineered hardwood flooring is likely to be your best option.

You Have Plenty of Options With Engineered Hardwood
Just as with solid hardwood, you can have your choice of looks. Since engineered hardwood has a veneer that’s made of real wood, you can still choose any species of wood you’d like to have. This gives you options with regard to color, darkness, stain and design.

In addition, depending upon the thickness of the real wood veneer, you can even refinish engineered hardwood at least one or two times. This is great for homeowners who know they’ll want to remodel at some point, but aren’t exactly sure when that will be. In the meantime, you’ll be able to completely rid the floor of stains, marks and scuffings and bring it back to its original new look.

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