Baton Rouge Can Be Proud Of its Capitol Building

There are many people who believe that the old ways are the better ways. This can be especially true when it comes to architectural designs. Many of the more modern buildings we see in Louisiana seem odd to us; they have little or no style, and they just don’t invoke any type of emotion. However, this is not true for the Louisiana Capitol building which is quickly approaching its birthday. 

A recent story in The Advertiser, shared some of the building's long history with readers.
“Like the 163-story Burj Khalifa towering over Dubai, or the Empire State Building in New York City, Louisiana's Capitol is an architectural jewel with a history and daily life as striking as the Statehouse itself. The Capitol was dedicated to Louisiana citizens 84 years ago this May and continues to hum with political activities...”

Source: <a href="">Louisiana Capitol a monument to the people</a> by Michael Tarver.
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