If you browse through our online blogs, you will see that we often write about the terrible damage done to our area during the last big flood. We were somewhat surprised to read a recent article that detailed recent building permits in East Baton Rouge. Toward the end of the article, were listed many homeowners who are still suffering from the damage that happened so long ago. At Wholesale Flooring & Granite, we have been offering some of the most affordable engineered hardwood flooring to help those in need. Here is the first bit of this article:
“Permits issued in East Baton Rouge Parish from March 17-23.
COMMERCIAL: ADDITION: Rue De La Vie 500: $12,300,000, Owner: Stan Shelton. Total square footage: 6,074. Addition of elevator tower to existing physician's office building to include four stories with second floor being shell space. Project also includes new construction of 15,532-square-foot cancer center and canopy with roof equipment. Issued March 23.”

Source: www.theadvocate.com
Why do we bring this up? Because within that list of permits there were also homeowners who suffered from fire damage, homeowners who want to make additions to their homes, and businesses that want to make improvements as well.

In all these cases, we invite homeowners and business owners to come to our showroom in Baton Rouge and see the many flooring options we have available for them, including our fantastic line of engineered hardwood flooring. We have over 290 wood flooring options, and that means that we have all of the color tones, plank widths, wood species, and price points. 

Our visitors are always pleased to see that we carry the best brand names in flooring, including names such as: Anderson Flooring, Mohawk, Harris Wood, and Bella Cera, to name a few. As you may know, these are some of the finest flooring manufacturers in the world today, and each has its own stellar reputation for quality. When you buy your new engineered hardwood flooring​ from any of these manufacturers, you know you are getting the best quality flooring on the market today. They stand behind their products, and we at Wholesale Flooring & Granite stand behind them.

We can say, with confidence, that we are here to help those homeowners who are trying to get back on their feet because of the flood, and we also are here to help anyone else who needs the best engineered hardwood flooring at low prices.