One of the things that really gets us upset at Wholesale Flooring & Granite is people who cheat other people out of their money. Just after the big flood that damaged so many homes and businesses in Baton Rouge, the crooks seem to come out of the wood work. Even now, they are still at it. In a recent story we read, we learned of a whooper scam that involved more than a million dollars. While this story does not have anything to do with homeowners, it does show just how bold some of these crooked people have become:
“A former employee of Axiall Corp., the PVC resin and building products manufacturer acquired last year by Westlake Chemical Corp., pleaded guilty March 22 to embezzling $1.4 million from the business in a wire fraud scheme. Wade Barbay, 54, of Baton Rouge, La., admitted to using his position of overseeing Axiall's corporate credit card program to steal the money from January 2011 through May 2016, according to Department of Justice officials.”

​When our customers come to us for new flooring, we never try to cheat them. In fact, our engineered hardwood flooring, and other flooring systems, have been priced as low as possible, because we know that there are still many homes and businesses that need new flooring because of the past flooding, or for other reasons.

Just in our engineered hardwood flooring inventory, we have access to more than 290 different options for you. And, these are not cheap, inferior wood flooring systems. They come from respected companies such as: Anderson Floors, Mannington, Bella Cera, Harris Wood, and Mohawk. These companies have been producing some of the finest flooring for decades, and longer. You cannot go wrong when you buy from these manufacturers.

If you come into our showroom in Baton Rouge, you will find that all of our flooring systems are high-quality and affordable. These two things bring in a lot of our friends and neighbors, and we believe it can help bring you to us as well when you need new flooring.

While we cannot do much to stop crooks from scamming others, we can do our best to ensure that every customer who visits with us will be treated fairly and with respect. If you are thinking of new engineered hardwood flooring, or any other type of flooring, come and see us at Wholesale Flooring & Granite.