Moving into a new home is never easy. We take all of the precautions we can by downsizing the accumulated items in our old home to necessities and memories. We also try to make sure that the storage space in the new home is adequate for our needs. Moreover, we also vow that we will keep the accumulation of new items to a minimum this time. We say that we won’t make any unnecessary purchases or keep anything after 6 months if we don’t use it, but those vows are quickly broken and we begin the cycle again.
Sometimes we need more storage, and that can mean replacing the cabinetry in the home. Whether in the kitchen or the bathroom, or even in a designated storage area, eventually we will need a more organized space for our stuff. Where do Baton Rouge residents turn? The first place we usually stop is the home improvement super center. There we find a variety of cabinets, but nothing that suits our needs very well without buying accessories in bulk to make them work for us. 

The second place we go is to a custom cabinet maker. These are the people who are true craftsmen. They have years in the business and are creating some stunning cabinets and storage spaces. Nevertheless, they are one of a kind, so that gives them a one of a kind price, usually in the wallet busting range. So what can you do to get cabinetry that suits your needs at a decent price? Come to Wholesale Flooring & Granite. We feature KraftMaid cabinets. KraftMaid cabinets are a line of cabinetry that is semi-customizable.

​What that means is that the framework for the cabinets is the same, but the outer skin, shelving, hardware and even dimensions are chosen by the customer to suit their needs. KraftMaid cabinets are exactly what you are looking for, because YOU choose all of the features of the cabinets. So come see us at our Baton Rouge, LA showroom and let our expert, courteous professional staff of help you choose the features you need in the KraftMaid cabinets you want.