Engineered hardwood floors in Baton Rouge, LA

Can engineered hardwood flooring help me sell my house?

Yes, it can, because engineered hardwood flooring is very much real hardwood and it is estimated you’ll recoup 70 to 80 percent of the cost, as seen in your property values. Sometimes it can go as high as 90 percent, especially if you go for the very best version of this hardwood, which has an OVERALL thickness of 5/8 -inch to ¾-inch.

Of course, it should be installed correctly also, since it is not a DIY project.

There’s more, though. We’ve been told that real estate sales associates all around the country, and not just Baton Rouge, will often pay up to 2.5 percent more for a house with hardwood. There’s no distinction between solid and engineered.

There’s even more! The visual appeal of the flooring is enough alone to make it sell faster and, when stained (dark floors appear to be more popular when it comes to sales) you get the same rich, elegant style as solid hardwood.

There’s only one place to buy any hardwood but especially engineered and it’s right here at Wholesale Flooring & Granite.

What’s different about it?

Only the construction. On top is a thick layer of real wood. Under that are layers of wood and other materials, all placed in a crosswise position. It’s that positioning that gives the product more stability and makes it somewhat easier for it to handle water.

Excess water damages solid and, while there are still precautions that you should take for this version, it does have a little more versatility as to where you can install it. The best engineered hardwood consists of multiple layers, with a minimum of three. Be sure to ask your flooring expert about this.

Like any wood floor, use some easy, everyday rules: place mats near entrances and maybe sinks, avoid wearing stilettos on it, keep pet nails trimmed and use protective pads at the bottom of furniture so it won’t scratch the floor.

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