hardwood flooring installation

Can I install engineered hardwood flooring in my bathroom?

Yes, but be sure it’s engineered, because this hardwood will give you a more stable and water-resistant flooring for your home.

It’s important to know that there are two types: Solid wood, exactly as it sounds, is solid all the way through, and the fibers lie parallel to each other. This is the version that can become so damaged by water, with buckling, cupping and warping.

If you want a more stable hardwood, however, go with the engineered type, because this flooring can stand up to water much better than solid.

It is real wood, and it adds the same style and warmth to your home. The woods are available in an assortment of species and colors. There are textures available, such as distressed, wire-brushed and antiqued.

It’s perfect for any style home and, like solid, adds value to your residence; in fact, real estate sales associates tell us that buyers will often pay as much as 20 percent more for a house with wood floors.

The difference is the construction: It is a layered product, so the fibers crisscross each other and that is what makes it so much more stable and water resistant.

Given that information, it might be a better choice for the kitchen, especially if yours has leaky plumbing. If you’re one of the few homes in Louisiana that has a basement, (typically called a “ground” floor, but with a “second” floor entrance) know that engineered can also be installed in below-grade rooms.

However, like anything else, you still have to exercise some caution. Wipe up spills as soon as you can, and don’t submerge it in puddles.
When you buy engineered hardwood…

If you’re thinking of installing engineered hardwood for your Baton Rouge home, we want to warn you against those low-priced, two-for-one gimmicks.

Thickness matters, especially with this flooring. It affects durability, appearance, and even how many times the floor can be refinished. A cheap product will cut corners someplace.

When shopping, ask about: Veneer, core and overall thickness. Examine samples so you can make comparisons.

You want a beautiful floor that will be your home’s crowning glory!

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