Mixed width plank hardwood flooring in a Baton Rouge, LA home

Can you get random width hardwood floor planks?

Yes, you can get different sized planks in solid or engineered wood flooring that, when combined, create distinctive layouts and can even make a room look airy and more spacious. Right now, patterns in wood floors, such as parquet, chevron, and herringbone, are trending, and, with random width, it's easy to create such a design.

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Why are random width planks a standout in flooring?

Sometimes a room is just too narrow to accommodate wide planks, so when you mix and match them, you can get the best of both worlds. Wide planks are currently trending, show the grains and knots more clearly and give your home a warm rustic feeling. Sometimes, though, space won't accommodate them.

The most common groups are three, five, and seven-inch widths, but you might also see four, six, and eight-inch systems which work any atmosphere, from modern to classic and traditional. Some of the preferred species are domestics like oak, maple, pine, hickory, and walnut.

Mixed width was created in the mid-1800s to cut logs more efficiently, and it wasn't unusual to see both narrow and wide boards in the same room. Then it was for practical reasons; today, it's somewhat of a status symbol, giving your home an antique feeling of a Colonial farmhouse or country cottage.

What's considered wide plank, and why is it important?

Generally, the boards must be at least five inches wide, but it's not unusual to see seven or eight-plus inches; of course, the lengths are also longer to keep it all in proportion. As a result, there are fewer seams without any visual breaks; rooms tend to look bigger. They're more dramatic than narrow floor strips and have a more rustic feeling, mainly since wide planks are associated with historic houses.

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