engineered hardwood flooring

Confused About Engineered Hardwood Flooring vs. Solid?

We know you love wood floors. They add richness and beauty to a room like nothing else can. Did you know there are two types of wood floors? Yes, real wood floors.

If you’re shopping for wood floors, you should also consider buying engineered hardwood flooring.
Solid is not the only real wood, so make no mistake, this is the real deal. It’s not an imitation anything. It doesn’t look fake. There are various available species, colors and patterns. Since it is real wood, realtors are allowed to put it into their marketing materials for a sale listing.

It is only the construction that is different, but that can give you big benefits.
Wholesale Flooring & Granite is the expert on engineered hardwood flooring in Baton Rouge, and they’ve put together some guidelines as to when you’ll want to go with that option. Now that you’re convinced, go to them for the best engineered hardwood flooring and you’ll see:
● Different Construction: While solid is usually milled from one piece of lumber, this is a layered product with a core that’s sometimes oak or fiberboard. Because the fibers criss-cross, as opposed to solid, where they are all parallel, the resulting product is much more stable and water resistant.
● No expansion/contraction: This is what solid wood does to adjust to the weather; it expands in heat and shrinks in cold. That’s a lot of fluctuation. You won’t see that at all with the layered version.
● Extra Durability: All wood floors are durable, but the engineered version is constructed in such a way that durability and stability is enhanced.
● Greater Versatility: Because this one is so water resistant, it’s okay for installation in basements and other high moisture areas, like kitchens. NOTE: Please be sure that room isn’t prone to floods or excess water puddles. It can’t withstand being submerged in water.
● Refinishing: It’s a myth that engineered wood can’t be sanded and refinished. It is real wood so, yes, it can be refinished. In this case, the thicker the better.
● Budget: While solid is more expensive, please do remember that old cliché “You get what you pay for.” Don’t go for bargain-basement prices, as you’ll end up with a thinner, inferior product that will look artificial.

If you want the best engineered hardwood flooring, go to Wholesale Flooring & Granite. Our showroom is in Baton Rouge, LA.