engineered hardwood flooring

Consider These 4 Tips When Selecting the Best Engineered Hardwood Flooring

It can truly be a daunting task to select the best engineered hardwood flooring for your home. As such, our Wholesale Flooring & Granite Baton Rouge, LA showroom experts, have come up with some great advice when considering which planks to bring home for your renovation. From types of finish to colors and species to grades, we’ve simplified the entire selection process, boiling your choice down to the very basics, so read on for 4 tips that will really help you out.

#1 – The Wear Layer
High grade engineered hardwood flooring is comprised of several layers, creating a durable, tough structure. The wear layer, which is the most superficial layer, is constructed using only solid wood. We recommend choosing planks that have thick wear layers, the thicker, the better, as this ensures that your planks can be sanded several times. Thus, thicker wear layers also ensure that your engineered hardwood in Baton Rouge lasts a very long time.

#2 – The Under-Core
What determines plank stability? That would be the under-core, a hardwood ply that is multi-laminate. When you want to buy engineered hardwood flooring, opt for a good quality under-core that can withstand humidity or heat changes. The cross-layered structure of plywood cores creates a strong, durable construction, that’s less prone to shrinking or swelling.

#3 – The Finish
Homeowners can purchase slats that are either pre-treated or untreated. Both of these options have their own advantages, so you’ll need to make the best selection according to your specific needs.

Pre-treated boards:
•Right out of the box, these boards are protected from accidental marks or damage.
•As they’re already treated, there’s no need for further treatment.
Untreated boards:
•Homeowners can select lacquers or oils that will create the right color and ensure the ideal level of protection.
•Often, the best results and highest level of protection come from custom, hand-applied treatments.

# 4 – Maintenance
To make sure your planks always have a bright appearance and are much easier to maintain, you can have additional oil treatments added on-site. Typically, these coatings not only offer added protection from stains, scuffs, and scratches, but it’ll also enhance the natural beauty and grain appearance of your planks, making a product that’s already beautiful to begin with even more so.