Countertops in Baton Rouge, LA from Wholesale Flooring & Granite

Did you know that granite countertops work for you?

Kitchen countertops are one of the most important remodels in your home. These surfaces see constant use and lots of cleaning too.

Since granite surfaces can add value to your home, choosing with care is essential. They offer benefits that work with your every need for the results you've always wanted.

Granite countertop benefits

Granite countertops
offer excellent benefits, including natural strength and durability. This includes excellent scratch and chip resistance.

You'll also see added stain resistance and lifespan with a professional sealant. These surfaces are sure to serve you well with regular care and cleaning.

Marble countertop benefits

Marble countertops are easy to cut, shape, and fabricate into the shape and size you need. You can add beveled edges and other popular edgings as well.

Marble is one of the most elegant surfaces in remodeling. It offers a high-end look along with visuals that match any décor you have in place.

Choosing granite countertops

If you prefer the beautiful appeal of all-natural materials, granite countertops win. It offers all the pros that give you a worthwhile investment.

But they're also naturally resistant to heat. So, if you intend to serve foods fresh out of the oven, this surface can stand the warmth directly.

Even though maintenance requirements are a little higher, it's worth the effort. Added value and lifespan mean you may never replace these surfaces.

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