Vinyl plank flooring installation in a Baton Rouge, LA home

Does vinyl flooring need to be acclimated?

Most homeowners know at least a bit about luxury vinyl flooring. It’s a beautiful choice for décor, offers excellent durability, and has plenty of other benefits that will serve you well.

However, when it comes time for installation, you might want to know whether luxury vinyl plank needs to be acclimated. Let’s find out.

Why acclimate vinyl plank flooring?

Even in what seems to be rigid core vinyl flooring, tiny pockets could harbor humidity. Depending on the humidity level in the space surrounding it, this could cause the material to swell or contract.

The effects of expansion and contraction might seem negligible, but when paired with the locking installation systems used in many of these floors, it could be enough to buckle or warp the flooring or cause gaps.

The best way to acclimate these floors is to take them into the room where they will be installed, remove them from the box, and stack them in such a way that air can circulate around them. Remember to set the thermostat for the temperature that’s normal for your home.

The acclimation period should take at least 48 hours before the installation of the flooring can begin. Your flooring professional will let you know if circumstances require more time and how long that will be, if any.

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