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Dream Design for the House Begins with Flooring

What began as a seed of an idea has become a dream-come-true: the Knock Knock Children’s Museum, which is finally scheduled to open in Baton Rouge, LA on August 22.

There will be three exhibition floors with plenty of interactive elements, such as a basket of crawfish or a bird’s nest. Social media will help spread the word and fun, making it an entertaining form of learning for kids ages 0-8.

Read the entire story here: www.thelouisianaweekend.com

So, adults, do you dream of transforming your home? Do you have a vision of what it should look like? Hardwood, with all its colors and undertones that make it adapt to any environment, is the answer, but there are always concerns with the heat and humidity of Louisiana.

There’s a great option in Baton Rouge, LA: Engineered hardwood flooring, and you can find it at Wholesale Flooring & Granite.

Engineered hardwood flooring has a core of 100 percent raw wood, with layers of particle board and a veneer (usually a hardwood veneer.) You’ll still have a big selection of colors and species, and it adds to the market resale value of your home, just as solid hardwood does.

It’s this construction that makes engineered hardwood flooring act a little differently, and it’s this construction that makes it such a perfect choice for the Baton Rouge, LA climate. While solid hardwood comes in sheets, with the fibers all lined up, engineered hardwood flooring, since it’s layered, has fibers that crisscross, making it so much more stable and moisture-resistant.

In fact, your basement can also enjoy a metamorphosis all its own, becoming a playroom, game room or apartment. With it, you can install engineered hardwood flooring, as long as the floor is dry; solid hardwood is only recommended for the first floor and up.

Engineered hardwood is as easy to maintain as solid hardwood. All it takes is regular vacuuming or dry mop dusting, and it can be resurfaced. Engineered hardwood flooring is environmentally friendly, since it comes from fast-growing trees.

Wholesale Flooring & Granite of Baton Rouge, LA carries a large selection of hardwood, porcelain & ceramic tile, carpet, laminate, and natural stone flooring.