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Engineered Hardwood Floor Secrets Revealed

Secret #1:  Yes, it is, indeed, real wood.  Only the construction is different.  In fact, it’s so considered to be real wood that real estate sales associates are legally allowed to market it as such in their listings.

Secret #2:  Go ahead and refinish your engineered hardwood flooring. This seems to be one of those huge secrets because, for some reason, many people think they can’t--but yes you can, and the number of times allowed will depend upon the thickness you select.

You want the best engineered hardwood flooring, so you need to be well educated, and there’s only one place to go for it:  Wholesale Flooring & Granite.

So this brings us to secret #3:

It used to be that solid hardwood was considered to be the only type, but the engineered version is becoming more and more popular.  

The only thing different about this version is the construction.  Solid is solid all the way through, so it’s one big sheet with the fibers running parallel to each other.  Engineered is made up of layers; both the top and bottom are wood, available in many species. The middle, or core, is made up of five-plus layers of plywood, all of which cross each other--and THAT is what gives it stability.

Secret #4: The engineered version is water-resistant.  When you’re in the market for wood floors, one of the first questions you should be asked is:  “Where will you install it?” Excess water can warp wood and, since solid is wood all the way through, there are some limitations are to where it can go.

The engineered version is more water-resistant, so you can buy engineered hardwood flooring to install in “wet” areas, such as basements or over concrete.

Secret #5: Weather doesn’t bother it.  

Solid expands or contracts in an effort to adjust to weather conditions.  That can be bothersome to some people and it always must be acclimated before installation.

Since engineered is more stable, it won’t be affected by heat, humidity or cold. Engineered hardwood flooring is the perfect choice for the weather in Baton Rouge.

Want to learn more about this incredible flooring?  Come into the Wholesale Flooring & Granite showroom in Baton Rouge, LA.