Engineered Hardwood Flooring 101

Engineered Hardwood Flooring 101

That’s the case with engineered hardwood flooring. The myths still insist on circulating, so we want to presents the facts for you again.

When you shop for wood flooring for your Baton Rouge home, know that hardwood comes in two forms: Solid and engineered.

Both are very much real wood. The difference is in the construction. While solid is solid all the way through and the fibers run parallel to each other, engineered is layered. That means the fibers cross each other, and that gives it more stability and moisture resistance.

The latter is important, because water can damage solid wood. Not only is it limited in where you can install it, but it can be a concern for a stormy place like Louisiana.

Both versions, however, come in an assortment of species and colors, and both have those gorgeous undertones. Both can be refinished, but with engineered hardwood, it does depend upon the thickness. For the best go to only one place for your flooring needs: Wholesale Flooring & Granite.

Oh! Did We Mention That it’s Real Wood?
When you buy engineered, you can rest assured that you are purchasing the real deal: Genuine hardwood flooring.

It’s so considered real wood that real estate sales associates can legally market it as such in their materials, and people will often pay more for a home with real wood floors.

So even if you’re not planning to move, isn’t it nice to know you still added value?

Other Advantages
●No acclimation necessary. Many of you already know how weather can affect wood. It expands when it’s humid (which is pretty often here!), and shrinks when the weather gets cool.

Because of the construction, it’s stable and can stand up to any climate condition.

●Versatility of installation. It goes where solid can’t, such as in the bathroom. Many Southern homes don’t have basements, but some do. If you’re one who does, you can install it in any below-grade room, such as the downstairs family or game room.
●Less expensive than solid wood. Just don’t fall for those bargain-basement price gimmicks; something will always suffer in quality, such as you might end up with very thin flooring.

For more information, feel free to come into the Wholesale Flooring & Granite showroom in Baton Rouge.