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Engineered Hardwood Flooring in Baton Rouge: Let’s Quash These Myths!

There are a lot of myths floating around about engineered hardwood flooring and at Wholesale Flooring & Granite, we’ve heard them all.

Just because you hear them, doesn’t mean you should listen to them, so here are some that are just not true:

1. It looks like an imitation. No! It’s real wood. Only the construction is different. It’s a layered product, using a combination of woods and veneers, which makes it an additional option for those desiring wood floors. It is available in many wood species, including exotics and, just like the solids, it adds value to your home.

It works in any atmosphere, from traditional to contemporary, and there are many options in styles and patterns.

Of course, like any product, some are of better quality than others; be sure to buy the best engineered hardwood flooring from us.

2. It has limited installation versatility. While that can be true for solid wood, you won’t have any problem with this. Solid means wood all the way through, and wood warps when exposed to water. Consequently, it’s not recommended for installation in high-moisture places like bathrooms, basements or even some kitchens if they are prone to leaks.

Engineered is different, because the (layered) construction gives it more stability and water-resistance. In fact, you may decide to buy engineered hardwood flooring just because you live in Louisiana, a hot, humid, storm-prone locale.

However, that doesn’t mean it can withstand floods or puddles so, like any investment, you’ll need to protect it and use some common sense when installing.

3. It’s not durable. Look at the overall quality of the product. While this is more affordable than solid, it can still be superior, with no sacrifice in durability. You can tell quality by examining the thickness of the top wear layer, and know that some wood species are harder than others. The flooring also comes prefinished, with a highly durable and long-lasting costing; and the finish is what gives it luster, as well as a large part of its surface durability. Warranties are usually about 30 years with “normal wear and tear” (which translates to a couple of pets.)

4. It can’t be refinished. Yes it can. Since the top layer is real wood, you can sand and refinish the floor when needed, eliminating the need for replacement.

Come in and see the experts at Wholesale Flooring & Granite for the best engineered hardwood flooring in Baton Rouge, LA.