Engineered Hardwood Flooring is Earth-Friendly Flooring

Did you know that engineered hardwood flooring is one of the more environmentally friendly flooring systems on the market today? It is a fact, and it is only one of the many benefits that consumers get when they choose engineered flooring. Here are a few things about these flooring systems that you may find useful and interesting:

One thing about engineered wood flooring that some homeowners and business owners may not know is that engineered wood flooring is real hardwood flooring. The surfaces on these systems are made of the real wood species that consumers select. For example, if you buy hickory wood flooring, the surface that you see and feel is made of real hickory; it is not a laminate image glued to the core material. This applies to all of the many, many species that you can choose, including exotic species such as Tigerwood and Eucalyptus.
These surface veneers are milled at different widths that consumers can choose from. Because the surface is real wood, you can have your engineered hardwood flooring refinished in future years if you need to do so. The thicker the surface layer, the more times you can refinish your floor in the years ahead.

Now, because the only real hardwood that is used on engineered flooring is on the surface, less hardwood has to be used in producing the flooring. For solid hardwood flooring, the entire plank is made of real wood, and that means it takes more cut trees to make solid flooring compared to engineered flooring. The reduction of old-growth forest trees is considerably less with engineered flooring, and this makes engineered hardwood flooring very earth-friendly.

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