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Engineered Hardwood Flooring is Perfect for Bedrooms!

While there are indeed a great many hard and soft surfacing styles to choose from, there are just as many reasons to buy engineered hardwood flooring for your upcoming bedroom renovation. If you're really on the fence about what material should be installed, you may want to take some time to read through this helpful post, as it will surely clarify a few of your redesign concerns. Thanks to our Wholesale Flooring & Granite showroom experts in Baton Rouge, LA, you're sure to narrow down which surfacing is the best engineered hardwood flooring for your particular requirements. 


First thing's first, you'll want to take a good amount of time to figure out which color would work best in your bedroom. Whatever you do, don't select your favorite tone simply because that's the shade you love! Unless you're completely renovating the entire room from top to bottom, this approach will certainly not work. Instead, take into account the furniture, wall color, and decor of your room. 

These elements will help you select the ideal shade of surfacing, as you will need to pick a tone that works with these three vital factors. When in doubt, you can hire an interior designer. Or better yet, come into our showroom for some great design advice! However, you would typically opt for lighter tones to hide pet fur or kid crumbs, because very dark colors tend to make these things stand out.


Nowadays, the style is all about wide planks. Yet, it does depend upon what look you're hoping to instill in a space. For a contemporary bedroom, wide planks make the room appear modern and edgy, especially if you couple this with a dark color. However, homeowners who are looking for a classic, airier appearance that's not so "overbearing", may want to select slimmer slats.


Yes, you do need to think about the grain and texture of engineered hardwood flooring. In Baton Rouge homes, we get a lot of sunlight year-round, and this affects our surfacing options. Similar to color, it's essential to consider the fact that all that sunlight filters into the house and, essentially, casts a spotlight on our surfacing. As such, the grainier the plank, the more it can hide "bits and pieces" throughout the room. 

For instance, imagine the effect of bright sunlight in two rooms: One with subtle graining, the other with pronounced grain lines. While the light will highlight every spec on your subtly grained bedroom floor, it won't create such an occurrence on more pronounced grain lines. Opt for more texture and visible grain, if you have pets and kids in the household.