​Engineered hardwood flooring is constructed with many layers of composite material. The grains of each layer run in different directions, which produce a stable product. There is no specific type of wood species chosen for these layers; it can vary, or it can be the same type as well. The stability afforded in engineered hardwood flooring due to the layers, also allows for less contracting or expansion with changes in temperature and humidity levels. This makes engineered wood flooring an ideal option for any residential space, especially for below grade applications, such as basement flooring. The top layer of hardwood is the high quality species wood, and depending upon the thickness of that top layer can be refinished, but not as many times as solid wood can be.
Wholesale Flooring & Granite carries nearly 300 different engineered hardwood flooring in nearly any wood species you might prefer. Therefore, when it comes to choices, and you shop with us, you are almost certain to find the perfect flooring that meets your needs and budget. 

We can also provide you with professional quality installation. Or installation team is comprised of well trained and experienced technicians who have all the necessary tools, and thoroughly understand the proper techniques for installing the engineered hardwood flooring that we sell. It can be set in place with nail down, glue down staple down and floating techniques. This also means that we can install your flooring over any subfloor material, except for carpet.

We invite you to visit with us at our showroom in Baton Rouge, LA, where you can ask any questions that you may have and receive honest, accurate answers from our knowledgeable staff members. We will also be pleased to provide you with more detail about our engineered hardwood flooring so that you will be fully informed prior to making any purchase.