Engineered Hardwood Flooring: The Smart, Eco-Friendly Choice

Engineered Hardwood Flooring: The Smart, Eco-Friendly Choice

These days, we're all focused on building green and being sustainable. Our natural environment isn't flourishing, if anything, it's declining. But, when you buy engineered hardwood flooring, you're moving towards an eco-friendly building source. As a material that is sustainable and renewable, we can harness these products to help minimize energy consumption and increase energy efficiency. By using engineered hardwood flooring in Baton Rouge, you also help to lessen climate change, by keeping carbon out of the atmosphere. 

Curious to know more? Read on for our Wholesale Flooring & Granite information guide on how our best engineered hardwood flooring can not only completely change your world but also the environment. 

Less Pollution, Green House Emissions
Using this incredible material is better for Mother Nature. On the whole, this type of product doesn't produce greenhouse emissions, which means less water and air pollution overall. When using building materials, learn about the impact they have on the planet. Natural resources that are renewable give us materials to build our home, and they don't produce waste by products.

Lower Energy Consumption
A tree's life cycle doesn't consume vast amounts of energy. From growth to harvest, transport to manufacturing, then onto the construction aspect, this surfacing material absorbs minimal energy. 

Better Insulation
Due to its air pockets and cellular structure, this surfacing material provides excellent insulation. Thanks to these two features, heat conduction is slowed, resulting in quality retention as well. With such a great insulation, it's no wonder homeowners love its energy efficiency. 

Carbon Storage vs. Fossil Fuels
While this surfacing material typically stores carbon, other building materials need a great expense of fossil fuels to produce. Therefore, our best engineered hardwood flooring is an excellent material alternative that helps mitigate climate change. 

Resource Sustainability
We can increase our carbon storage potential by protecting and sustaining our global forests. In doing so, we assure affordable building materials for construction, and a healthier environment. Are these two factors really intertwined? Yes, they are, and it's critical for people to realize that their impact affects the global community as a whole.