engineered hardwood floors

Engineered Hardwood is Still Real Hardwood Flooring

When people think about hardwood flooring, they usually envision solid wood that is 100% from the top, all the way through to the bottom. However, engineered hardwood flooring is also a very real wood flooring option. In fact, some homeowners find that it makes an excellent addition to their homes, in certain spaces, as hardwood cannot be installed in below grade rooms. The best engineered hardwood flooring gives you the opportunity, in these situations, to maintain the look of continuity from on or above ground spaces, to even those that are below grade.

If you’re looking to buy engineered hardwood flooring, you should stop by and speak with one of our flooring professionals here at Wholesale Flooring & Granite. We offer an excellent variety of wood floors, as well as many others, and we’re sure you’ll find something that suits your needs perfectly. In fact, if you have any questions about the best engineered hardwood flooring in Baton Rouge, just visit us at our showroom, located in Baton Rouge, LA.

Great Benefits From Engineered Flooring

We’ve already mentioned that this particular material can be placed in spaces where solid wood can’t go. We can also assure you that this material will not expand and contract with changes in temperature, or humidity levels inside your home. Because of this, your installers won’t need to leave a gap around the edges, so you won’t have to be quite as concerned about a good quality molding.

This flooring can also be refinished, just like solid wood floors can. While it can only be refinished a couple of times, that still adds decades to the overall lifespan of the floors. In fact, when many homeowners are considering purchasing a new floor, you will just be getting to the point where refinishing is an option. This means it can be very cost-efficient in the end. Your flooring professional can tell you exactly what to expect from the specific products you are considering.

The wear layer on top of your flooring comes in different thicknesses. Of course, the thicker the wear layer, the more protection you will get from everyday wear and tear. It also means this floor is a cinch to clean and maintain. Regular care can be carried out with simply a broom and a mop, while bigger messes can be taken care of with specialized cleaners. Be sure to ask a flooring professional which is best for the flooring you choose.