Decades ago, one of the Great American Dreams was to own a house, but that’s not necessarily the case anymore. Many, especially empty-nesters, just want to downsize. Many more are faced with rising costs of insurance, cars, as well as other expenses that keep them from saving for a down payment. The Millennial Generation is well known for their refusal to engage in home ownership. And many economists say they will drive the economy.  Interestingly, a story in US News and World Report, citing a study by the Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, shows that more than half of renters are actually in their 40s or older!

 “More proof that construction is on the rise in Baton Rouge: There are now 300 residential units in the central business district of downtown Baton Rouge, but that's only the beginning. Two new properties are under construction: The Lofts @ 6C, and Beauregard Quarters.  The Lofts will be a six-story building with 142 units, a parking garage, and retail space. Beauregard Quarters, located in the historic Beauregard Town at the corner of Napoleon and America Streets, is set to be a four-story multi-family unit. The project will include 25 units. The apartment complex should be done by the end of 2017.”

Source: by Carmen Farrish
No matter what the renter’s age, though, there’s one American Dream that’s very much alive; that is the desire to “feather the nest”--to furnish it well.

Most of us already know about the elegance, warmth and class that a hardwood floor lends to the home, but the heat and moisture for which Louisiana is known, presents challenges:  Expansion, contraction and warping.  The perfect compromise comes from engineered hardwood flooring. It looks like the real thing; after all, engineered hardwood flooring is real wood, but it’s constructed differently, eliminating some of the challenges inherent in raw solid hardwood.  A wood core, with a layer of veneer at the top surface, makes it resilient and moisture-resistant. Engineered hardwood flooring, unlike solid hardwood, can be installed also in basements and other below grade areas.

There’s only one place to buy engineered hardwood flooring in Baton Rouge; Wholesale Flooring & Granite. Since engineered hardwood flooring is made of wood, the cleaning requirements are fairly identical to that of hardwood.  Sweep and dust daily; wipe with a dry microfiber mop; avoid waxy cleaners and polishes; wipe up spills immediately; avoid high heels to prevent dents.  Even though it’s more water-resistant than solid hardwood, no wood can withstand excess moisture, so keep it as dry as possible.

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