Federal Flood Aid May Be Coming to Louisiana within Weeks

At Wholesale Flooring & Granite, we know that many are still suffering from the damage brought on by the recent flooding. While many homes and businesses have been able to repair and rebuild, many others still have not. Some good news just came out concerning federal aid. Here is the first part of that story:

“Louisiana leaders say they expect that the effort to secure additional federal aid for the state's flood recovery will move quickly over the coming weeks. 
"All the signals we've gotten is that this would be done before the end of the year," U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-Baton Rouge, said in an interview with The Advocate on Wednesday. "I'd rather have this moving off the table and the dollars in Louisiana quickly so we can plan."

Source: www.emergencymgmt.com
We know that for many of our Baton Rouge neighbors this help cannot come soon enough. The damage from the flooding was truly immense, and we wish all those in need all the best. For our part, we are still offering new flooring systems at low prices, and this includes our line of engineered hardwood flooring.

Many of those visiting our showroom of late have asked about installing engineered hardwood flooring, and we have been pleased to answer all of their questions. One of the more common questions we get is whether or not these flooring systems look like traditional solid hardwood flooring. The answer is yes!

In very simple terms, the surface of our name-brand engineered flooring systems is true hardwood. When you look at, say, red oak engineered flooring; you are looking at real red oak on the top layer. The same would be true for any species: Maple, cherry, elm, hickory, etc. So, yes, when you are looking at engineered wood flooring, you are looking at real hardwoods.

One difference, however, is that engineered hardwood flooring can be installed anywhere in your home or office. It can even be installed below grade in family rooms, play rooms, media rooms, etc, that you may have in the basement. Solid hardwood flooring should never be installed below grade. Something important to keep in mind.

If you are looking for a great, new flooring system, we encourage you to visit us at Wholesale Flooring & Granite in Baton Rouge, LA and see the wonderful line of engineered hardwood flooring that we have available.