FEMA Issues Tip List for Flood Insurance Claims

​As we are sure you all remember, a lot of damage was done to homes and businesses in Baton Rouge during the August flooding. FEMA wants to let all of those who have flood insurance who have not yet filed a claim know that time is running out. In order to help those who need to file their claim, a tip list has been produced and posted online.  Wholesale Flooring & Granite wants to help as many of our local residents as we can, as they go about restoring their homes and property, and we are therefore posting the beginning of this information here, with a link to the full list. Here is the start of this important article:
“BATON ROUGE – State and federal officials are encouraging residents to monitor their insurance claims process after reporting their losses following the August flood. Residents have 120 days from the date of their loss to file a claim in they are a National Flood Insurance Program policyholder in Louisiana. Below are tips to guide residents through the process to ensure they receive all eligible insurance funds for recovery:”

Source: www.wbrz.com

The story goes on to give some useful tips that claimants should know about when filing their claim. We hope this helps to make the process easier for you.

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