hardwood flooring

Five reasons to buy engineered hardwood flooring

By now, you’re probably aware that there are two kinds of hardwood for flooring, and engineered is one of them.

What you’re probably still not aware of is that this version is as much considered real wood as any other; it adds the same value to your home, and real estate sales professionals are legally allowed to market it as such in their information brochures.

This company is the go-to place to find hardwood, whether it’s engineered or solid.  Your flooring will be the crowning glory of your Baton Rouge home.

The different construction makes all the difference!

Solid all the way through, the fibers in this hardwood lie parallel to each other. Engineered, however, is layered product, so the fibers cross each other, making for a flooring material that’s more stable and water-resistant. Because of this stability, it doesn’t have the expansion-contraction issues of solid wood, because it can adjust to weather conditions.

It’s also more versatile, able to be installed in a lot more places.

Four More Reasons....

You might choose to buy the engineered version of this hardwood for your flooring because of:

  • Cost: It is less expensive than solid wood.  Please be aware, however, that you do get what you pay for, so don’t fall for those ultra-cheap, two-rooms-for-the-price-of-one deals. Thickness matters here!
  • Style:  It comes in all the most popular species like oak, maple, hickory and more with a wide assortment of colors.
  • Easy to care for:  It’s really not that much different than any wood floor.

If maintained properly, both types of wood floors will last for years.

Vacuum or dust mop regularly, place mats strategically, and avoid high heels. Oh!  And keep those pet nails trimmed. You can refinish, although the number of times you can sand depends upon thickness, which is another argument for quality!

  • Easier installation process: The engineered version can be a floating installation, meaning that, with a few exceptions, it can be installed directly over another floor. No need to rip up anything!  It also makes it easier to repair, because you can easily get at one plank without having to lift up the entire floor.

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