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Four Reasons to Buy (And Love) Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Nothing beats a wood floor, and engineered is real wood, just like solid. Although engineered isn’t solid, it is still very much real wood, adding the same warmth, beauty and richness to your home. You’ll get the same assortment of colors (with those beautiful undertones), wood species (even exotics), patterns and textures.

Whichever type of wood you choose, you’ll always have the unique style and textured grain of natural wood.

The engineered hardwood flooring will be as long-lasting as solid. It performs just as well and, contrary to a myth, it can be refinished; the amount of times depends upon the thickness.

Best of all, it will add value to your home just as solid does; in fact, because it is real wood; realtors are allowed to advertise it as such in their marketing materials.

Those reasons alone are enough for you to want to buy engineered hardwood flooring.

Baton Rouge, there are still other reasons to buy engineered hardwood flooring.

Here are four of them. First, for engineered hardwood flooring, go to Wholesale Flooring & Granite in Baton Rouge, LA.

1. The construction. While solid hardwood is just that, milled from a thick piece of lumber, it’s solid all the way through, making the fibers line up vertically Solid’s not as stable as engineered which is constructed by joining multiple high-density fiberboard layers between a solid wood top layer and hardwood backing. That makes it tough and moisture resistant.
2. Lack of expansion and contraction. Solid hardwood, in an effort to adjust to weather conditions, expands and contracts. Since engineered is more stable and moisture resistant, there’s no expansion and contraction to worry about. It only makes sense to install engineered hardwood flooring in your Baton Rouge home. Louisiana is hot, humid and prone to storms.
3. Strong and tough! This type of flooring is as tough as nails, making it more resistant to normal wear and tear, buckling and warping. So let go of any worries about kids, pets or foot traffic!
4. More versatility. Since engineered is more stable and water-resistant, it can be installed in places where solid cannot, such as high-moisture areas like finished basements.

Come into the Baton Rouge showroom at Wholesale Granite & Flooring and let our experts show you how great engineered wood can be.